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Top 3 cool V2V converters you can get for free


So virtualized environments are becoming a common thing for most organizations worldwide. They help saving money, make IT infrastructure easier to manage, provide flexible sizing and much more. Respectively, there is a number of hypervisors to choose from: VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, and XenServer. Sure, deploying virtual machines is no big deal in a homogeneous environment. But what should we do when it comes to switching the hypervisor or building a heterogeneous environment with different hypervisors involved? Well, obviously, you have to change the VM format since every hypervisor has its own: *.VMDK, *.VHD and *.VHDX, *.QCOW. And here, virtual machine to virtual machine converters (V2V) come into play. There are various kinds of V2V converters with different functionality, so let’s take a closer look at the top 3 V2V converters on the market that allow converting VMs without spending a dime.

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone

VMware vCenter Converter converts VMs built on different platforms to VMware format - *.VMDK, and support P2V (Physical To Virtual) conversion. With this tool, you can migrate VMs directly to the vSphere environment. Also, during the migration, an agent needs to be installed on the source machine. A great thing about VMware vCenter Converter Standalone is its ability to reconfigure the VMs settings and adjust their parameters. What is more, the migration could be done with running VMs with no downtime. Moreover, it allows converting several VMs simultaneously.

OK, let’s sum up:

Price: Free

Supported VM formats: various formats to *.VMDK

Two-way migration: NO, only to VMware

Change VM parameters during migration: YES

5nine V2V Easy Converter

Another cool V2V converter comes from 5nine. Unlike the VMware tool, it has both free and paid versions. The free version allows converting VMs from VMware to Hyper-V / Azure VMs / Amazon Web Services and P2V conversion. You can also change and adjust the VM parameters during the migration process. The minus here is that the free version is available only as a GUI-powered application. On the contrary, the paid version of 5nine V2V Easy Converter has PowerShell function and Command Line Utility that allows automating the process of converting multiple VMs.

To sum up:

Price: Free and Paid

Supported VM formats: *.VMDK to *.VHD and *.VHDX

Two-way migration: NO, only to Hyper-V

Change VM parameters during migration: YES

StarWind V2V Converter

Finally, the free V2V converter from StarWind. The big benefit of this tool is that it supports all the most widespread VM formats: *.VMDK, StarWind *.IMG, *.VHD and *.VHDX, *.QCOW. Moreover, unlike the previous converters, StarWind V2V supports bi-directional VM migration between various formats and hypervisors. Also, StarWind V2V Converter supports Windows Repair Mode during conversion to VHDX. What this means? Well, the VM automatically adapts to the given hardware environment, so no compatibility issues occur.


Price: Free

Supported VM formats: .VMDK, StarWind *.IMG, *.VHD and *.VHDX, *.QCOW

Two-way migration: YES!

Change VM parameters during migration: YES!


Choosing a V2V converter is a matter of requirements. If you need a universal tool that allows two-way migration, supports various hypervisors and all industry-standard VM formats, take a look at StarWind V2V Converter. A great choice if your environment is comprised of multiple hypervisors. On the other side, if you’re switching from Hyper-V to VMware, VMware vCenter Converter Standalone will be enough. And, correspondingly, 5nine V2V Easy Converter if you migrate the other way around. Still, it’s up to you to decide!